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Natural History 1792. Buffon Aragon

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Natural History 1792.

Natural History 1792. Buffon

Containing A Theory of the Earth, a general History of Man, of the Brute Creation, and Vegetable, Minerals, &c.
From the French. With Notes by the Translator.
Printed by J. S. Barr, Bridges-Street, Covent Garden, London. MDCCXCII {1792}.

Volume IV
Chapter III. of Puberty.
IV. A Description of Man.
V. Of Old Age and Death.
VI. Of the Sense of Seeing.
VII. Of the Sense of Hearing.
VIII. Of the Senses in General.
IX. Of the Varieties in the Human Species.

Volume VI Of Domestic Animals. The Cat.
Chapter III. Of Wild Animals. The Stag, or Red Deer. The Fellow Deer. The Roe-Buck. The Hare. The Rabbit.
Chapter IV. Of Carnivorous Animals. The Wolf. The Fox. Th Badger. The Otter. The Martin. The Pine-Weasel. The Polecat. The Ferret. The Weasel. The Ermine. The Grison. The Squirrel. The Rat. The Mouse. The Field-Mouse. The Water Rat. The Campagnol. The Guinea-Pig. The Hedge-Hog. The Shrew-Mouse. The Water Shrew-Muse. The Mole. The Bat. The Loir. The Lerot. The Dormouse. The Surmulot. The Alpine Marmot. The Bear. The Beaver. The Raccooon. The Coati. The Agouti. The Lion.

Volume VII. Of Carnivorous Animals. Of Tigers. Animals of the Old Continent. Animls of the New World. Animals common to both Continents. The Tiger. The Panther, Ounce, and Leopard. The Jaguar. The Cougar. The Lynx. The Hyaena. The Civet and the Zibet. The Genet. The Black Wolf. The Canadian Musk-rat, and the Muscovy Musk-rat. The Peccari, or Mexican Hog. The Roussette, or Ternat Bat, the Rougette, or Little Ternat, and the Vampyre. The Senegal Bat. The Bull-dog Bat. The Bearded Bat. The Striped Bat. The Polatouch. The Grey Squirrel. The Palmist, the Squirrels of Barbary and Switzerland. The Ant Eaters. The Long and Short-tailed Manis. The Armadillo. The Three-banded, Six-banded, Eight-banded, Nine-banded, Twelve-Banded, Eighteen-banded. The Paca. The Opossum. The Marmose. The Cayopollin. The Elephant. The Rhinoceros.

Volume IX. The Loris. The Javelin Bat. The Serval. The Ocelot. The Margay. The Jackal and the Adil. The Isatis. The Glutton. The Stinkards. The Pekan and the Vison. The Leming. The Se Otter. The Canadian Otter. The Seal, Walrus, and the Manati. The Seal. The Walrus, Morse, or Sea-Cow. The Dugon. The Manati. The Nomenclature of Apes. The Orang-Outang, or the Pongo, and the Jacko. The Pithecos or Pigmy. The Gibbon, or Long-tailed Ape. The Margot, or Barbary Ape. The Papion, or Baboon, properly so called. The Mandrill. The Ouanderou, and the Louando. The Maimon. The Macaque and the Egret. The Patas. The Malbrouck, and the Bonet Chinois. The Mangabey. The Mona. The Callitrix, or Green Monkey. The Moustac. The Talapoin. The Douc. The Sapajous and the Sagoins. The Ouarine and the Alaoute. The Coaiti and the Exquima. The Sajou. The Sai. The Saimiri. The Saki. The Tamarin. The Ouistiti. The Marikini. The Pinch. The Mico. Account of some Animals not expressly treated of in this Work. The White Bear. The Tartarian Cow. The Tolai. The Zizel. The Zemni. The Pouch. The Perouasca. The Souslik. The Golden-coloured Mole. The White Water-Rat. The Guinea-Hog. Th Wild Boar of Cape Verd. The Mexican Wolf. The Alco. The Tayra, or Galeri. The Philander of Surinam. The Akouchi. The Tucan. The Field-Mouse of Brasil. The Aperea. The Tapeti. Supplement to the Quadrupeds. The Crab-eater. Anonymous Animal. Rat of Madagascar. Degeneration of Animals.

Volume X. Of the Degeneration of Animals. Nature and Properties of Minerals, Vegetables, &c. Light, Heat, and Fire. Of Air, Water, and Earth. Experiments on the Progress of Heat in Mineral Substances. Observations on the Nature of Platina Experiments on Light, and on the Heat it can produce. Invention of Mirrors to Burn at great distances. Observations and Experiments on Trees and other Vegetables. On the Temperature of the Planets. General Views of Nature. First View. Second View.

Examples of some of the volumes:

Natural History 1792. Historia Natural de 1792, versin inglesa. Obras de Buffon
Natural History 1792. Historia Natural de 1792, versin inglesa. Obras de Buffon
Natural History 1792. Historia Natural de 1792, versin inglesa. Obras de Buffon
Natural History 1792. Historia Natural de 1792, versin inglesa. Obras de Buffon


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